Rolls Royce Phantom: Class Like None Other

There is simply nothing like a Rolls Royce Phantom rental. As a model coming from the legendary carmaker founded in the early years of the 20th century, a Phantom rental is both timeless and contemporary, and will let onlookers know that you have impeccable taste.


Founded in 1904, Rolls Royce was a pioneer in engineering and craft. Occasionally referred to as “the best car in the world,” the first vehicles gave a hint of what your Rolls Royce Phantom rental would be today. Impressive endurance and power allowed drivers to be confident that they could win races and build a reputation for the cars they loved. This rich history makes it clear why you would want Rolls Royce rentals in Houston for any of a number of special occasions.

Learn more about your Rolls Royce Phantom rental

When you rent a Phantom Rolls Royce, you rent a legacy. This model features state-of-the-art engineering, as well as modern expression of time tested design. Your Phantom rental is one of the family of Phantoms, and born of complete creative freedom. We have no doubt that you will catch the eye of everyone you pass when you drive down the street in this beauty. 

At Auto Exotic Rental, we want customers to rent Rolls Royce Phantom vehicles that suit their taste as well as their budget. While you're getting a car with a valued name attached, we see no reason to charge exorbitant rates for a vehicle you'll only spend a brief amount of time with. Enjoy our competitive rates as you settle into those luxurious seats. 

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Our company has been in this business for more than a decade. Going far beyond just Phantom rental, we offer a wide range of luxury and sports cars, as well as SUVs. Our mission is to give you quality and service with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We maintain a number of locations and offices in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

The cars you'll find in our showroom are perfect for a week of business travel or a wedding. No matter what you're driving to or from, you'll make an impression when you rent Rolls Royce Phantom by the hour. You may also choose from our corporate and chauffeur services, letting .

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