Suvs: The Most Luxurious Rides On The Road

If you are out to rent a vehicle, a luxury SUV rental probably isn’t the first prospect to pop into your mind. You might think more traditional, like a compact car or a spacious sedan. But, if you’re audacious, you might consider renting an exotic car. You may not want to go too fancy and extravagant for a Porsche or a Lamborghini, but you do want style and space.


Suddenly, a luxury SUV rental becomes a viable option. You’ll get transportation, but also travel in luxurious comfort, have plenty of extra space, and tower over the cars around you.

Auto Exotic Rental has several luxury SUV rentals at your disposal. Featuring top SUV brands like Range Rover and Hummer, Auto Exotic also provides luxury SUV rentals from top exotic car brands like Mercedes and Porsche.

Your luxury suv rental will better serve you in many different ways.

  • Perfect for a day road trip: You could be exploring the coasts of Texas, or hiking through the desert. A luxury SUV rental gets you to your destination in style, while also allowing plenty of extra room for gear.
  • More junk in your trunk: You can easily fit twice as much stuff in the trunk of your luxury SUV rental than you could with any other car. Coolers are essential for day trips, so go with a bigger trunk.
  • Smooth ride, big vehicle: SUVs, in essence, are trucks with an enclosed cargo area. The frame is typically strong enough to tackle off-road trails. However, your luxury SUV rental, like a Porsche Cayenne, is built on a car platform, delivering a smooth ride.
  • You’ll save on gas: If your luxury SUV rental is lighter, then it will feature a smaller engine and get better overall fuel economy for your longer day trips.
  • Facilitates a bigger group: Many of our luxury SUV rentals can fit up to five people and more. This makes a luxury SUV rental a must for a day trip with your group of friends.

Practical purposes for all occasions

As stated above, a luxury SUV is a great way to fit more than five people. This will come in handy for a variety of occasions. The following offers more practical reasons for a luxury SUV rental.

  • Traveling to a business convention: The professional world has no shortage of conventions. Round everyone up and they’ll fit comfortably in a luxury SUV rental from Auto Exotic.
  • Wedding party: Ignore the traditional limo, and instead, opt for a luxury SUV. Any number of our SUVs is a great alternative for several well-dressed bodies.
  • Out-of-town relatives: Don’t just shuttle around your visiting relatives; impress them with a luxury SUV rental. They will fit comfortably.

At Auto Exotic Rental, we feature an easy-to-use website to make your reservation. We have representatives standing by should you have any questions. Make life easier and more comfortable with a luxury SUV rental.