Luxury Car Rental in Los Angeles

Luxury Car Rental In Los Angeles: Best Extended Exotic Rental Deals Around

Exotic and luxury car rental in Los Angeles is big business. After all, practically all of Hollywood stars live and work around here and the city itself is a giant business and tourism magnet. If you are travelling to Los Angeles or the state of California, we have extended exotic car rental, luxury car rental, and luxyry SUV rental deals available at lowest market rates! You can browse our luxury rental cars and their daily rental rates via the links below, however, we urge you to call or chat with one of our team members to enjoy our extended luxury car rental savings.

Our extended exotic and luxury car rental services in California are not exclusive to Los Angeles and its Hollywood celebrities. We offer our exotic and luxury rental cars to businesspeople , CEOs, VIPS, tourists, and families alike in all other major metro areas, as well as business and tourist hubs in Cali. These areas include towns and cities within the greater “Inland Empire” area in SOCAL, as well as other destinations such as:

San Francisco, where its famous steep rolling hills and Lombard street, and the gorgeous skyline provide only the extra perks to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and SF’s classic street cars and mixture of enticing architecture. Just imagine rolling through this beautiful city and sightseeing its iconic spots in a top down exotic rental car like our Ferrari 360 Spider!

San Diego, the birthplace of California, with endless beaches and where military and defense business is booming. If hitting the golden beaches in San Diego, renting an exotic convertible is practically a must!

San Jose, the Capital of Silicon Valley and home to headquarters of major technology and online companies such as eBay, Cisco, Paypal, and Adobe. Corporate executives and guests could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their San Jose luxury car rentals such as on this Rolls Royce Phantom when they book their rental through us.

Fresno is the last major sign of civilization that visitors to Yosemite & Sequoia National Parks will see. Rent one of our luxury SUVs like the monster Hummer H1 or the more refined Hummer H2 and have yourself some wild nature time away from any signs of humanity! Or rent one of our Supercharged Range Rovers and enjoy high end luxury while sticking to more humane terrain!

Sacramento, unbeknownst to many, the state capital of California is where much of politics goes on and is considered a major tourist attraction in central valley

Anaheim, home to Disneyland, is the most populous city and one of the major tourist attractions in Orange County. A Perfect and luxury Disneyland experience is only completed with a spacious and comfortable luxury rental car or SUV from Auto Exotic.

Irvine, one of the best places to live and study in California due to its low crime and good schools.

Pasadena is home to the CALTECH university and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. If you are attending Pasadena’s world famous annual Tournament of Roses Parade or the Rose Bowl football game, don’t miss out on a luxury car rental, it can only make this paradise city experience better!

Santa Clara, home to headquarters of tech giants such as Intel, NVIDIA, and SUN, is a that city boasts a major California tourist attraction. One that could not have been more perfectly matched with an exotic or luxury car rental experience: California’s Great America

Carlsbad, a major tourist attraction and a high tech resort city, it is one of those destinations visiting which can only be glorified permanently in one’s memory when done in a convertible sports or luxury car like our rental Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or Bentley Drophead.

Santa Maria is best known for its wines and barbeque style. A delightful day in the wine valleys around Santa Maria can turn into glorious in one of our exotic or luxury convertibles.

Santa Monica, the famous resort town known for its picturesque beaches. Santa Monica is the perfect destination for tourists, beach lovers, surfers, and families. Take the perfect romantic trip with a luxury car rental from Auto Exotic to the world famous Santa Monica Pier.

Santa Barbara, loved for its Moorish-Spanish architecture, sandy beaches and mountainous backdrop, is a famous resort beachfront city. You can get discounted rates and a priceless experience in its coastal weather and beautiful roads, when you rent our exotic or luxury cars for an extended period of time in Santa Barbara.

Sunnyvale, say Yahoo! This is a city home to headquarters of a couple of online and tech giants including Yahoo!, Palm, and chip maker AMD. Technology related business deals from small to large are sure to take place here and nothing can impress a prospect client, partner, or supplier like a drive in a top drop down rental Lamborghini Aventador in its historic Murphy Avenue.

Palmdale, the Aerospace Capital of America, is where a lot of big time military and civilian aerospace history has taken place including birth of USAF B-2 Spirit bomber, and NASA’s retired space shuttle, among many others. Corporate executives and guests, as well as interested tourists can benefit from our discounted rates for extended luxury car rentals in Palmdale, California. Call us today and save over the competition!