Bentley Continental GT Coupe

Bentley Continental GT Coupe Front Side
Bentley Continental GT Coupe Front SideBentley Continental GT Convertible FrontBentley Continental GT Coupe FrontBentley Continental GT Coupe Front Side ViewBentley Continental GT Coupe Front Side ViewBentley Continental GT Coupe SideBentley Continental GT Coupe Sidebentley Continental GT Coupe InteriorBentley Continental GT Coupe Interior Bentley Continental GT Coupe Interior
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Total make overs are not infrequent for the elite crowd, nor is it to the Bentley Continental Luxury rental like the quantities of social activists roaming the palm-tree-lined streets of Ocean Drive, this four-door Bentley has had certain work done.Nothing critical, though -- it's more of a touch up - for the nose, grill and headlights, and possibly a little adjustments for a more slim tailpiece. Keeping up bearings is predominant for the Bentley Continental GT Coupe, specifically looking at the impressive competition in the shape of the stratospherically priced Maybach luxury rental and Rolls-Royce Phantom luxury rental. It's expected that client honestly contemplating renting any of these ultra-luxury rental cars wouldn't bid so much as a raised eyebrow at their high rental tag, but there's no question some happiness to be gained from being informed that the Bentley Continental GT Coupe rental in Houston, Texas charges about half as much. It's been said that luxury rentals are driven for style, while Bentley Continental GT Coupe are meant to be rented. The Bentley Continental GT Coupe continues that practice with some unquestionably imposing numbers. With abundant horsepower, stopping from sixty six mph in only one hundred feet and a top speed of one hundred and ninety mph, you would consider there was a wonderful luxury rental underneath. On top of those numbers, the Bentley Continental GT Coupe blew entirely our rental trials at speeds that rival its four-door Continental stablemate. This beauty is absolutely more than skin-deep. Regarding the interior, the Bentley Continental GT Coupe bathes renters in luxurious wood and leather that wraps nearly every surface. Stacked against its Rolls-Royce Phantom and other luxury rental opponents, the Bentley Continental GT Coupe rental surely has its work cut out. Given that all three of these ultraluxury sedans rentals highlight the nicest of engineering, there is as a matter of fact no flop amongst them. Even with the significantly moderate rental rates for the Bentley luxury rentals, the conclusion comes down to which illustration of grandeur you choose.


0-60 mph: 4.7 sec.
Max Speed: 198 mph
Horsepower: 552 hp @ 6100 rpm
Max. Torque: 479 lb-ft @ 1600 rpm
Transmission: 6-spd Automatic