If You’re Going To Rent — Go Big

Everyone knows that exotic sports cars command attention. Whether you are stuck in a freeway traffic jam or sitting on a park bench, when a sleek new sports car drives by, you can’t help but turn your head and stare.


Images of what it must be like to sit behind the wheel, listen to the wind rush by, and feel the power of the engine through your feet automatically flash through your head. But you could never actually drive one of those…right? Wrong!

Auto Exotic Rental offers sports and exotic car rentals for a much more affordable price than you may think. Through our service, you get all the fun of exotic car ownership without any of the responsibility.

When to rent

Many men and women rent a car on vacation, and upgrading your vehicle to one of our exotic sports cars can surely make your vacation a memorable experience. But, is that all that exotic rentals are good for? Absolutely not! Here are a few ideas for when to rent a sports and exotic car.

  • Wedding: Pulling away in a limo is so last season. Your guests expect that a long, stretch limo (which looks like every other limo) will be waiting for you after the ceremony. Why not switch it up and pull away in a Lamborghini or Porsche? You could even celebrate your parents by renting a special car for them, as well. No matter who gets to drive or ride, we are sure our sports and exotic car rentals will fit your style perfectly.
  • First date: Far too many first dates become last dates. When you want to make a big impression, picking your date up in one of our exotic sports cars is definitely the way to do it. While you might not want to lie and say the car is yours, the mere fact that you would go to the length of renting such a vehicle will show your date you care.
  • Anniversary night out: Perhaps you have progressed far beyond the first date and are looking to spice up your relationship with an invigorating night out. An exotic sports car can turn an evening out into a night to remember. If zooming through city streets or country roads isn’t enough of a special treat, the look on the valet’s face ought to do the trick. 

Special promotions

We are always offering special deals and promotions for our sports and exotic car rentals. The best way to find out what deals we’re currently offering is to browse our website. We even allow you to reserve your exotic sports car online. Exotic Auto Rental has all your luxury car rental needs covered! Go big!