Exotic Cars For Your Taste And In Your Town

You know what you want when you rent a car, and deserve to work with a company who can accommodate that desire. At Auto Exotic Rental, we offer a wide range of luxury vehicles for your vacation, business trip or special event.


When you want exotic, Enterprise rent a car inventory just isn't going to cut it. Let our team introduce you to options that outshine the rest, and make you want to spend every waking minute behind the wheel. Discerning taste and the desire to make an impression are the marks of Auto Exotic Rental customers, and our upscale cars can match that distinction. The competition simply can't compare.

Local Luxury Rentals Mean Better Service

The exotic Enterprise rent a car offerings are designed to cater to the general public, and certainly a clientele that spans more than a few major cities or between two states. This means that you're less likely to get your hands on a specific luxury rental, especially during peak seasons.

Fortunately, Auto Exotic Rental is a regional company, and strives to provide a service that works for people in places like San Antonio, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami, and Baton Rouge. The warm weather and vibrant nightlife lend themselves well to exotic and luxury cars, and we're pleased to provide just that for your lifestyle or event.

Often, our clients have very particular requests, and need certain vehicles for weddings and other special happenings. Our staff works incredibly hard to ensure that your rented car matches with the rest of your plans, even if it means retrieving a car from a remote location. Again, our focus on local service is a huge part of meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Amazing Cars for Your Most Important Memories

Whether it's a vacation, wedding or just a weekend out on the town, your ride from Auto Exotic Rental will be in tip-top condition. From a spotless finish to the well-oiled engine, you can count on a luxurious vehicle that really lives up to the label.

We go to great lengths to keep our cars maintained, and put our customers into comfortable seats, behind powerful mechanics. Never hesitate to inquire about how we care for our rentals, or ask to take a peek under the hood. After all, when it's your special day with your loved one, or that important work meeting, you need to be able to rely on your car.   

Get in Touch with Auto Exotic Rental Today!

Our unbeatable rental service goes above and beyond. While we like to see you smile when your car rolls out, we're even happier to see you smile upon its return. If exotic Enterprise rent a car options aren't cutting it, talk to the Auto Exotic Rental office in your area. It will be our pleasure to assist you.