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iCorp Transportation is Houston's premiere corporate transportation service with over 15 years of experience in the industry.  Companies in Houston use our limousine services to make their occasions a success because of our experience and dependability.  With an extensive fleet of luxury and executive-style vehicles, ranging from sedans and SUVs, with more than enough stretch limousines and party bus rentals to accommodating both large- and small-group passengers, we have exactly what you need.  Our vehicle capacities range from 3 to 61 passengers, so we can accommodate the needs of any event or special occasion on demand.


iCorp Transportation regards safety and customer service as the top priorities.  Our professional drivers and chauffeurs are thoroughly vetted and trained to ensure the highest standard of professionalism and security.  Furthermore, through our affiliate network, we serve not only the greater Houston area; we can meet your needs in most major cities in the country. When it comes to executive, personal or special event or airport transportation, Auto Exotic Rental and iCorp Transportation provide the quality limousine service you and your guests deserve.

Mercedes Has A Vehicle For Everyone — Rent One In Houston!

So many people get the wrong impression when they think about vehicle rentals. Sure, the traditional car rental company will put you behind the wheel of a generic, mundane vehicle, but there are also sources for high-end cars and SUVs.


Auto Exotic Rental is one of them. Whether you want to rent a Mercedes Benz in Houston or even cruise around in a Lamborghini, we have a fleet of vehicles that will meet your needs with the utmost style and class.

Mercedes: A picture of luxury and high performance

A Mercedes might not be your typical rental car, but alas, we are not your typical rental agency. We give our clients the chance to rent a Mercedes in Houston and pay either per day or sign up for one of our special discount packages.

A Mercedes rental in Houston will allow you to enjoy all the area attractions while turning heads in a luxurious and extravagant vehicle. Even if your own vehicle at home is a Ford Taurus, you can enjoy a heightened level of class with these affordable rentals.

Browse through our online showroom and take a look at the wide variety of Mercedes models that we have to offer. They include:

  • S550
  • S550 Sport
  • G550 Wagon
  • SL63 AMG
  • SL550

Something for every taste

The beauty of a Mercedes Benz rental in Houston is that this famed carmaker has something for every taste — from luxury cars and SUVs to the quintessential exotic sports car. Whether you are cruising or transporting some partners on business, Mercedes has you covered.

The S550 and the S550 Sport are very much your traditional luxury cars. These are great for occasions like business trips and special celebratory events, where comfort is key. However, if you’re looking for a show-stopping experience, the SLS AMG, SL63 AMG and the SL550 have a gaudy look to them — one that would rival makes from manufacturers like Lamborghini and Maserati.

Their sporty look is only matched by their high-performance. You will not only look great behind the wheel of one of these vehicles, but you will be able to show everyone the type of power you have under the hood.

Don’t forget the G550 Wagon, either. This luxury SUV has an old-timey, retro feel to it. But make no mistake, you will be riding around in modern comfort and this vehicle also has a lot of power.

Reserve a Mercedes in Houston

Why are you still reading about a Mercedes rental in Houston when you can get behind the wheel right now? Browse our site and reserve one of these high-end vehicles right now.


Get Behind The Wheel Of A Lamborghini Murcielago In Houston Or Dallas

The Lamborghini Murcielago is styled to be sleek, powerful, and elegant. Every feature is intentional and crafted for maximizing the driving experience.


The Lamborghini name precedes itself

The rich heritage of Lamborghini, as well as the company’s constant attention to detail, luxury, and the prestige of their name, makes it stand apart from other sports car companies. Their cars are all masterpieces, crafted for excellence on and off the road. Few people have had the experience of driving such a renowned car. To have such a privilege is rare.

The Murcielago

This Lamborghini model is designed for speed and elegance. Every feature is intentionally crafted to maximize the powerful engine and create a streamlined profile that is as powerful as it is glamorous.

Scissor doors await the driver, inviting them to get behind the wheel of a driving experience they will never forget. The same prestige and luxury that has come to be expected from the Lamborghini line runs true with the stunning Murcielago. It is the most extreme and fastest sports car in its class. Attention to detail places the car at the premier of its kind.

The riding experience

Riding in the coupe under normal street conditions is quiet enough to have a conversation, and the interior is surprisingly comfortable given the capabilities for speed and functionality.

The car has air conditioning as well as a stereo, so the experience of riding in the coupe is just as luxurious as it looks. The driver-focused experience is refined in this model, from the seating to the orientation of the gearbox. 

Auto Exotic Rental

So, you’ve decided to indulge on a Lamborghini Murcielago rental. Perhaps the super-sports car is out of your budget to own, but renting the Murcielago can give you the chance to get behind the wheel without spending your lives savings.

If you are looking for a car for a special event, or even for the experience of driving, Auto Exotic Rental, the premier exotic car rental agency in Dallas and Houston, offers you the opportunity to experience the finest cars on the market without having to pay full price for the vehicle.

Auto Exotic specializes in the rental of luxury cars, sports cars, and super-sports cars at an affordable price. Along with the Lamborghini Murcielago, we have a wide selection of other Lamborghini models such as the Gallardo, Aventador, and Italia.

We also carry cars from Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Bentley, and Aston Martin, as well as many others. Car rental from Auto Exotic comes as a per-day charge, perfect for an event such as a wedding, anniversary, celebration, or corporate event. For more information, or to view the entire collection of Auto Exotic’s cars, browse our website.


Lamborghini Gallardo: A Taste Of Nostalgia

A Lamborghini Gallardo rental is a taste of nostalgia. Automobili Lamborghini, the Italian name for the beloved automotive manufacturer, was acquired by Audi in September of 2008. The Lamborghini Gallardo was the most successful model ever for the brand, and played a crucial role in sustaining Lamborghini’s success under the leadership of Audi.


Vehicle No. 14,022

After a 10-year run, the Lamborghini Gallardo production ended at car No. 14,022. This makes a Lamborghini Gallardo rental special, because you can no longer go out and buy a brand new one.

The car made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2003. After this debut, the car became the company’s best-selling model; this proves a Lamborghini Gallardo rental a classic choice when renting Lamborghini.

Thousands of cars later…

Ten years later, the production of the Gallardo has ended completely. The Gallardo’s average sales were around 2,000 automobiles per year. Every time someone opts for a Lamborghini Gallardo rental, they are paying tribute to the car brand itself.

Auto Exotic Rental — Lamborghini rentals

Auto Exotic Rental specialize in renting quality luxury cars for affordable prices. Besides the Lamborghini Gallardo rental, Auto Exotic offers several other Lamborghini models, as well. The Italian manufacturer is a staple of exotic cars for the following reasons:

  • Best selling stature: In 2008, Lamborghini produced a record number of cars at just fewer than 5,000. This was largely due to the best-selling Gallardo. Going with a Lamborghini Gallardo rental is an easy choice.
  • The flamboyant 1960s: Lamborghini is a historical brand. Some of the models designed in the 1960s remain some of the most collected and desired Lamborghinis to date.
  • Over-the-top style: From the colors to the space-age touches, all Lamborghini models feature extraordinary style and luxury. Get a Lamborghini Gallardo rental to experience the over-the-top nature for yourself.
  • Status: Many men love to drive Lamborghinis simply because they are associated with the best of the best, or the best that money can buy. What’s more, women love to ride in these thrilling automobiles, making a Lamborghini Gallardo rental perfect for a romantic night out in Texas.
  • Hand crafted beauty: It’s been reported that it takes well over 100 people to craft a Lamborghini. This serves as a testament to the quality of the machine itself, along with car’s reputation for excellence.

Visit Auto Exotic Rental

Visit Auto Exotic Rental online or in person and look for your next car to take zooming around the streets of Houston, San Antonio, Austin or Dallas. The lonely stretches of Texas highways are perfect for exotic cars, and Auto Exotic is the premier spot in Texas to rent these beautiful machines.

Salute to Lamborghini

Driving a Lamborghini Gallardo will remind you that all great things come to end, as the world enters its first full year with the Gallardo out of the production. Salute the greatest car company in the world, and get a Lamborghini Gallardo rental at Auto Exotic.


What’s So Special About A Convertible, Anyway

When you picture the quintessential sports car, what do you see? You are probably picturing a hot ride with the top down. This feature has become a staple for all sports cars, making them so much fun to cruise around in.


However, not everyone views convertibles as practical vehicles for everyday driving. Add to that the fact that many high-end convertibles cost a lot of money, which doesn’t exactly fit the budgets of most of us. That’s where Auto Exotic Rental comes in. Serving the Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin areas, we can hook you up with a convertible rental in Dallas.

Why are convertibles so fun?

If you have invested in one of these cars, or even forked over the modest sum required for a convertible car rental in Dallas, you already know the answer. For those who have yet to get behind the wheel of a screaming convertible, here is what you are missing.

  • One-on-one with the open road: When you are cooped up in a traditional car, you really miss out on a lot of the driving experience. You don’t get the wind in your hair or the sound of the tires rolling along the pavement. A convertible car rental in Dallas TX can let you experience these fun and exciting aspects of driving.
  • A sporty look: Convertibles naturally grab the attention of onlookers. They stand out from traditional vehicles for obvious reasons, and even show off your luxurious interior.
  • Versatile: For those that don’t think owning a convertible is practical, or even investing in a Dallas convertible rental is worth it, we have news for you. Convertibles are great for driving in the warm, summer weather. However, if the weather changes, or the mood simply strikes, you can pop the top back up roll around in that fashion. The top doesn’t always have to stay down.

When you might want to rent a convertible

Any time you want to drive something a little different in order to celebrate an occasion, you should try to find somewhere to rent a convertible in Dallas. Auto Exotic Rental has an extensive line of convertible vehicles, all of which are available at a per-day rate.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion, either. Who says you can’t go out and have fun cruising the open road. Auto Exotic entertains a wide range of clientele, many of who want to drive around in style and just have fun. Sports cars are specifically designed for this — so go nuts!

Our online showroom is waiting for you. See our full fleet of luxury vehicles and sports cars and jump behind the wheel of a worldclass vehicle today!


Hit Houston In A Cadillac, And Tell Them Who You Are

There are few, if any, more iconic brands in the auto industry than Cadillac. In fact, many people consider the purchase of a Cadillac to be the ultimate status symbol. The only problem is, many people do not have the money to achieve this status.


That’s all right, though, because Auto Exotic Rental offers you a Cadillac rental in Houston that can help you live that lifestyle — only, you have to bring the car back once you are done driving it.

What a Cadillac says about you

You communicate so many things about your own personality just by the car you drive. Auto Exotic Rental exists so that you can project the right impression for everyone to see. With a Cadillac Escalade rental in Houston, or other vehicles by Cadillac, you can say a lot about yourself.

  • Successful businessperson: If you are driving a Cadillac, you must be doing something right. At least, this is something that most people assume. A Cadillac rental in Houston TX is perfect for business trips or for local appointments. This vehicle will instantly boost your credibility and confidence.
  • Stylish and elegant: Choosing a world class vehicle like a Cadillac shows that you have great taste. When you drive around in your Cadillac rental in Houston, people will draw only positive conclusions about you when they see you behind the wheel.
  • High standards: Cadillac goes all out to create high-performing and beautiful vehicles. By driving one of these vehicles, you are telling the world that you are not going to just settle for any old car.

Cadillac defines luxury

This well-known carmaker is known for luxury. Few SUVs embody the word “luxury” more than an Escalade. This bulky vehicle lets you ride in both style and comfort. Auto Exotic offers a Cadillac Escalade rental in Houston that is perfect for celebratory occasions — proms, weddings, formals — or simply a night out on the town.

The spacious confines of the Escalade can comfortably carry you and your friends and it is also an incredibly safe vehicle for good measure. With one-day pricing options, or other package deals, you can have free reign over an Escalade and are able to hit Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

Your Cadillac is waiting

Auto Exotic Rental is the premier source for high-end sports and luxury vehicles. We are confident you will find something perfect for your needs within our extensive fleet of vehicles.

We encourage you to reach out to one of our representatives and they will show you how you can get behind the wheel of a Cadillac whenever you want to.


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We at Auto Exotic Rental would like to wish everyone a relaxing Labor Day with family and great friends. Service will continue as usual through the holiday to accommodate your last-minute travel needs.

Lamborghini Festival (Sept. 12-14): This year marks the third annual celebration of the Italian icon. The Lamborghini Festival attracts enthusiasts and owners from all around the world to pay homage to one of the world's most beloved supercars, as well as raise money to benefit children's cancer research. The event spans three days this year, culminating in a free public display of over 50 individual Lambos on Sunday the 14th. Come take a peek at our Lamborghini Aventador and support a great cause. More info on the event HERE

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2014 All Star Game - Luxury and Exotic Car Rental in New Orleans



The 2014 NBA All Star weekend is definitely something to get everyone excited. As the votes are being casted now for our favorite All Star Players there are some very important things that we have to know! Who is performing? Who is coming? And, what are they driving?


Don't get left behind, Auto Exotic Rental wants you to show up to the 2014 All Star Game in style. We have the Ferrari F430 Spyder, Ferrari 458 Itilia, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin Rapid, Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley Flying Spur, Audi R8 Spyder, Maserati GT, Porsche 911 Carrera, and a lot more to choose from. Check out our NBA All Star 2014 Packages at


Make your reservation today and don't be left behind.

Our Exclusive Holiday Gift Card Special


What is it?

Auto Exotic Rental has launched it's holiday gift card giving friends, family, clients, associates, employees or just you a chance to rent and drive away in the car of your dreams for up to 3 hours.


5 Reasons Why A Gift Card Is A Great Idea

1. Everyone One Wants One - For the seventh year in a row, gift cards are the most-wanted holiday item. According to the National Retail Federation, six in 10 (59.4%) of Americans say they would most like to receive gift cards. And according to the Today show, gift cards are the most popular holiday gift for the third year in a row.

2. They Are Good For Last Minute Gifts - You can literally buy them up until December 24th. Maybe even the 25th if you find a store that is open and sells them. They never run out.

3. You Do Not Have To Go To The Store To Buy Them - You can buy them from the comfort of your couch online, or you can buy them at discounted prices from websites like this.

4. There Are Gift Card Freebies! - Yes, it's true. You can get free gift cards! Life just got one million times better!!!

5. Gift cards Aren't Impersonal, they give an experience - Most people think gift cards are the most boring gift. But when you think about it, they actually are pretty thoughtful. For some, a night on the town makes a better gift than a knick-knack. They're also a good choice for picky people. You're giving someone money to a place they like, and then letting them choose how to spend it.